Android Keeps Growing - Now The Best Selling OS For New Phone Buyers

Dated: 7th October 2010
Nielsen says Android was the most popular OS on smartphones in the first half of the year and Apple and RIM were in a "statistical dead heat for second place."

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Smartphone Sales Soar

Dated: 16th September 2010

Speaking at the HTC launch, Patrick Choumet, global director of terminals at network operator Vodafone, said smartphone sales were soaring, already taking more than 30% of the market; in three years Vodafone expects that smartphones will make up 70% of total mobile phone sales.

Source - BBC

Android and iPad versions launched

Dated: 20th August 2010

Vizziapps have added to the iPhone App a version for the popular Android phone and also an iPad version, making Vizziapps the only supplier of all three versions for estate agents in the UK.